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Jim’s Building Inspections Ellenbrook – Local and Knowledgeable Service

Purchasing a new home, building a house, or investing in a property is a big decision. It is likely to be the largest financial purchase you will ever make – so ensuring you have all the information you need before finalising that purchase is only common sense.

In Western Australia, pre-purchase building inspections are not compulsory – but if you want to make sure that you are not risking financial and health risks, a building inspection can help you avoid potential problems.

The bust and boom nature of the Australian market has meant that in boom times, property demand outstripped supply – leading to substandard buildings created by unscrupulous builders and construction managers. In addition to this, pest damage, asbestos and poor use can cause defects and damage – and this can be hidden behind ‘band aid’ solutions that can cover up the issue.

Jim’s Building Inspections in Ellenbrook are here to help you learn more about your investment before you spend the money.

Callie – Your Local Building Inspector in Ellenbrook

When you are looking for a company to complete your building inspections in Ellenbrook you want someone who knows the area and has access to information and resources that can help you deal with any issues that are revealed.

Callie has a degree in Law from the University of New England, where he followed up with postgraduate studies in Commercial and Property Law.

Having managed and owned several real estate franchises, Callie has expertise in drafting, reviewing, and reporting on complex commercial issues and contracts.

Callie is certified to conduct asbestos assessments associated with removal, as well as a wide range of other building inspections.

At home, Callie is married and has two teenage sons, enjoying the outdoors and amateur photography.

Termite Building Inspections in Ellenbrook

The problem of termites can spread fast. Termites and other pests can cause structural damage, and they can often be found in hard to reach places on a property.

Termites might be small, but when they work together, they can cause all sorts of damage. Known for attacks on wooden structures, they can also damage plaster, insulation and even metal. According to the Australian Institute of Architects, an estimated $1 billion is spent to remediate termite damage.

We inspect a property from 150m outside – this means that we can assess any in-ground structures, wood, or dead tree stumps that could be home to a termite’s nest before we look at the property itself.

As we understand the life cycle, habits, and behaviours of the termites, we can use this information to locate the nest – even in hard to reach places. If we find live termites or evidence of termite activity, we can then recommend a Pest Technician from Jim’s Pest Control division to attend and assist.

Our Termite Inspections will also check to ensure that we are mitigating any risks – making the conditions less attractive for infestation (moisture, darkness). We can also understand any termite management plan that might already be in place – when and what was installed, and by whom.

Termites are not the only problem that Jim’s Building Inspections in Ellenbrook can help you find. Whatever the problem with your potential purchase, knowing about it can either make you change your mind, know what you are getting into and have the tools to deal with it – or give you the power to negotiate.

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The decision to get your dream home inspected before you buy, is one of the best decisions you can make, to reduce the risk of inheriting structural damage, termites or even asbestos – which could cost you THOUSANDS to fix.

Termite and Timber Pest Inspections

A termite, or any other pest infestation in either your current, or future property, can cause THOUSANDS of dollars in structural damage. We spare no corner or crevice when inspecting your property.

Asbestos Inspections

If your property was built before 1990, it is essential to get it checked for asbestos BEFORE starting any renovations, or purchasing. Our comprehensive inspections will find where the asbestos is, and what conditions it is in..

New Construction

Building your own home can be a dream come true! Don’t let it become a living nightmare! When you build, make sure you get an independent building inspector to inspect progress at various stages of the process.

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